New Dora High Alumni Website

Welcome to the new Dora High School Alumni website. This website is a continuation of the efforts of Rick Watson (Class of 1968). He established the original Alumni website,, in 2002. Much of his original work forms the starting point for this website.

Rick Watson
This website is dedicated to the memory of Rick Watson

Sadly, Rick passed away in July 2020, and as a result the old website cannot be maintained. To save his work from disappearing once his hosting and domain expire, I began copying as much as could from the original site and reposting for posterity. His original work is all posted under his name.

Changes to the function of the website include now being able to comment on posts for registered members (registration to prevent spam), hopefully better sorted stories (though this is still a work in progress), modern responsive theme for easy desktop and mobile browsing, and the ability for multiple authors to write stories for the website. Registered members can also upload a profile photo and include a bio if they so choose. To register, click My Account on the menu, and select Register, or register here.

Call to Action

While I am currently maintaining the website, it ultimately belongs to the alumni community. I am looking to build a website that everyone feels a part of. Whether you’re a current student that’s looking to build a portfolio for college or jobs, or an alumni wanting to share some stories from back in the day, I would love to provide the platform to share your stories. We want to cover all areas that feed Dora High School, to include the former Empire, Sipsey, and T.S. Boyd schools, current Sumiton school, and their entire coverage areas. Subject matter can include area and school history (to include the feeder schools), sports news, current events with the schools, alumni and student/teacher profiles, and anything else that is connected to Dora High School.

If you want to submit stories, first register, then contact me at with your account name and I will change your account to allow you to contribute. If you have ideas for the website, please share them. Additionally, if you discover any typos or broken functionality, please let me know so I can fix it.

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  1. I think this is really great. I see you have been working on this for quite a while and have had questions posted on the Alumni FB page. I thank you for having the forethought to transfer the content from the old site. I use information from the yearbooks all the time. It would have been terrible to have lost that part of Dora High School history. The site looks fresh and with up to date news. Very, very nice!

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