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Welcome to the Wiki. The wiki is planned to serve as a replacement and expansion upon the old website’s Obituaries pages.

Instead of a long list of obituaries, or a potentially outdated news article for each deceased alumni, we’re going to create wiki pages to stand in remembrance of the individuals. To expand upon that, the wiki pages can include more details, to include life accomplishments and any other relevant information family and friends want to share. As a wiki, we’re also going to allow everyone connected to Dora High School and the supporting communities their very own wiki page. The average person doesn’t meet criteria to get their own Wikipedia page, but by attending, teaching at, or serving the community of Dora High School, everyone can get a page of their own.

With that said, we will not condone the sharing of any information that may be deemed Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and if discovered will be removed. If there is information on a wiki page about you or family that you do not want shared, please let us know and we will remove it. The wiki is also intended to be fact-based, so if you are a contributor, please remain fact-based when creating articles.

The intent of the wiki is to serve as an informational and educational resource for anything Dora High School related.


Contributing to the wiki is easy! First, create a free account here. Once you have your account, you can access the dashboard by the title bar at the top of the page (or just by clicking here). Then hit the Add New button and start writing.

All pages require approval and editing for new members. Once you’ve established a reputation, your permissions may be updated to allow you to edit existing pages and publish new ones without approval.

Any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the wiki can be sent to

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