Gray Gravlee

Gray Strother Gravlee, class of 1935, served in the US Army in campaigns in the Aleutian Islands, Southern Philippines, Ryukus from April 11,1941-October 31, 1945.

Clark Davis

James Clark “Julio” Davis was a graduate from the Class of 1983. He was elected as Mayor of Graysville, AL in 2016.

Class of 1995

Members of the Dora High School Class of 1995 include: Beaty, Saige

Saige Beaty

Sage Beaty is a graduate of the Class of 1995. During high school, he played football (All-County, All-Area 1994/1995), basketball (All-County, All-Area 1994/1995, All-Region 1995), and baseball (All-County, All-Area 1994/1995,…

Roland Mitchell

Wallace Roland Mitchell was a member of the Class of 1968. He served as a medic in the US Army from 1969 to 1972. Obituary Wallace Roland Mitchell, age 55…

Mike Cain

Mike Cain was the head football coach from 2015 to 2016. He previously served as the head football coach for the Oakman Wildcats from 2007-2008. Coaching Career Year Team W-L…

Byron Herron

Byron was a graduate of the Class of 2006. Byron was the 2021 Limited Modified Track Champion at Sayre Speedway.

Class of 1944

Members of the Dora High School Class of 1940 include: Ackerman, Mary Eliza Baird, Charlie Barlow, Mary Jo Barnett, Lacy Barrow, Alyce Beavers, Jean Birchem, Larson Brown, Ida Mae Bullard,…

Class of 1940

Members of the Dora High School Class of 1940 include: Bobo, Faye Thomas – passed away in 2000 Hardy, Ella Maude (Phillips, Forbes) Hedrick, Leo Sanders, Betty Boyd Williams, Gladys…

Mary York James

Mary Ouida York James, of Empire, died April 4, 2006, at Walker Baptist Medical Center. She was a graduate of the class of 1938 and married classmate Mack James. She…