Rick Watson

This website is a continuation of the hard work of Rick Watson (Class of 1968). He established the original dorahighschool.com and put in countless years of effort documenting the community surrounding Dora High School.

I never met Rick in person, but nearly every time I went to check up on what’s going on back in Dora, Rick Watson was tied to it somehow. His updates and tireless passion kept me informed, and ultimately connected to the Dora community, regardless of where I happened to be. Upon hearing of his passing, I worried that all his efforts would be lost. To prevent that travesty, I began transferring as much as I could to this new website.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Rick Watson.

Daily Mountain Eagle – Eagle columnist, reporter Rick Watson dead at 69

Daily Mountain Eagle – Rick Watson Honored by Sumiton City Council

City of Dora Proclamation

Recognizing Rick Watson for Outstanding Citizenship

Rick’s Books

Among his other accomplishments, like penning for newspapers across the South, Rick was also a published author. Check out his books below. They range from collections of published newspaper columns to stories of life growing up in the area. In the words of one review, the “Sloss Holler Scholar” is truly a gem.