Profile: Lisa Chance Williams

My name is Lisa Chance formally Lisa Williams. I graduated in 1982 . I have been married for 20 years to Ricky Chance. He graduated from Dora in 1979. We have 2 boys, Richard and Kyle. Richard graduated from Dora in 2002 and Kyle is now a freshman at DHS and will graduate in 2007. We still live here in Dora and are proud of the fact our children are getting to experience Dora High School!

I guess looking back some of my fondest memories were the good ole “Mr. Davis Stories” for example: His wife was 6 foot and drove a bulldozer for Drummond, he was so poor growing up he chewed on the doorknobs thinking they were gold biscuits, calling us ‘curtain climbers’ etc…if you were in there you know exactly what I am talking about. You ask about what lesson I learned at Dora? Well, Mr. Davis always gave us one good piece of advice…”If your gonna dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.” Turned out to be very true… hehe.

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