I Remember the Roar

by James Phillips, Class of 1996

Stone Phillips, son of James and Andrea Phillips
Class of 1996
Grandson of Ricky and Debbie Phillips
And Teresia and Bill Morrow

Before I was born,
I remember the roar.
The crowd cheered,
For Dogs one day.
The Tide the next.
I wanted to get out.
What was the fuss about?

Before I could walk,
I remember the roar.
I sat in the stands,
And watched the games.
I knew one day,
It would be for me.
What a sight that’ll be.

Now I can run,
I don’t hear the roar.
All I hear and see,
Is my biggest fan.
With a tear in his eye,
And camera in hand,
Daddy cheering for me.
James Phillips

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