The Alma Mater

Fay Thomas Bobo graduated from Dora High School in 1941. She began college at the University of Alabama in the fall of ’41, but then war broke out and she came home to be with her family. She married Asa Bobo of Cordova who, like many brave Americans of that time, joined the military and went off to fight in WWII. He returned after the war and helped raise the family in the Dora community, and served as a Trustee of Dora High for many years until he passed away in 1976.

Fay has been a citizen of Dora and an avid supporter of everything at Dora High School all of her life. She had three children Asa Faith, Johnnie Evelyn, and Glenn Allen Bobo. All three graduated from Dora High with honors.

Fay wrote the words to the Dora High School Alma Mater when she was in the ninth grade. In the photo below, she is shown with a plaque of appreciation given to her during the Homecoming game in 2000, just a few weeks before she passed away.

Fay has had a lasting impact on Dora High School is she is missed by her
family and friends.

May the Blue and the Gold of our banner so bright
Fill our hearts full of joy and delight.
To our dear Alma Mater we’ll ever be true
No matter what e’er be the tide.

We pledge all our love, and our loyalty, too
To maintain the high standards begun
May the Gold never tarnish, the Blue ne’er grow dim
‘Til the goals of our hopes have been won.

Over the years, the word hopes became hearts (In the last line), but that’s
not the way she wrote it, and not the way she wanted it sung.

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