Glenn C. Gant – To The Class of 73

In going through some annuals for ideas for stories, I came across this message to the Class of 73. I realized just how much of a visionary he was. These words were written a full ten years before IBM and Bill Gates partnered to market some of the first Personal Computers. I know these must have inspiring words to young minds of the day, but his advice about Honesty, Loyalty, and Hard Work are as valid today as they have ever been.

Mr. Glenn C. Gant

We are living in an age of rapidly accelerating technological change. Electronic digital computers can, in a few hours, out-perform a man’s lifetime of work. Automation is replacing workers by the hundreds of thousands. “Jets” and rockets have shrunk the earth to a small fraction of its former size and all nations have become practically “next door” neighbors. Peoples of the once remote and undeveloped parts of the world are clamoring for a “place in the sun.”

Yes, times change, but people don’t. the rules for living remain static. Those who live by these rules continue to be successful, perhaps not in a material wealth, but more significantly in their relationships with other people. What are some of these time-tested rules?
First of all, there is HONESTY. We must be honest with ourselves as well as with others. We must face our everyday problems realistically, and with confidence, and yet, realize our limitations. Then there is LOYALTY. We should maintain a loyalty to our school, our employers, our church, our community, and our country. Finally, there is HARD WORK. Our country was not made great by those who put forth just enough effort to “get by.” It is effort beyond the acceptable job which makes it into an excellent one.
By following these simple rules of living you can help carry the torch of progress through the changing years ahead.

Glenn C. Gant

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